Our fertilizers are specially formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of oil palm in a complete & balanced way. More importantly, they are designed and engineered to be the only one in the market to fit high content of Potassium (K), which is important to overcome bunch and plant failure, flat topped appearance of palm and increase drought or disease tolerance.

Our present customers have seen more value and uniqueness in one of our key products Hi-Kay Bio because there is nothing in the market that functions like Hi-Kay Bio. Hi-Kay Bio supplies the complete and balance nutrients the oil palm needs and at the same time, improve soil health in one application. There is no split application involved because Nutrismart is designed to work compatibly with compound fertilizers.

About our products…

13:6:27:4:+0.65B, is a Complete, Balanced and Enriched compound. It is most cost-effective per unit nutrient.

peat-kay plus
is a specially formulated fertilizer for palms grown on peat soils. It eliminates “hidden hunger” in your palms, providing all the essential nutrients required for achieving maximum yields.

80% Hi-Kay Plus + 20% Nutrismart
Internationally recognized & certified bio-organic fertilizer designed to work synergistically with inorganic fertilizer.

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